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Damp wood flooring damaged

Whether it is paint or wood are afraid of flooding. Water contains oxygen ions, easily make the paint oxidation so that the floor luster; easy to deform or moldy wood after water absorption.

Moisture-proof wood flooring mainly includes two aspects: First, when the damp-proof processing pavement, the second is the normal use of moisture. When paving wood flooring, the first phase of the ground bare for a period of time, so that the ground may contain moisture evaporation as clean as possible. And then paved moisture-proof membrane, coated with moisture-proof oil, if the use of wooden keel to be dry. In daily life, the use of mop to clean the floor, mop to dry and then use to not dripping for a minimum. If the room is dry, but also humidification, solid wood flooring to maintain a certain amount of moisture.