yellow quartzite floor tile

Wood floor moisture test needs to be compared

When choosing a solid wood floor, the moisture content is very important. The moisture content of the purchased floor should be consistent with the local equilibrium water content. When the moisture content of the floor material is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the floor material will shrink moisture and vice versa. Therefore, the requirements for the moisture content of the floor materials are not the same in different regions and different uses.

Buy the floor must determine the moisture content of the floor, if the store can not provide moisture meter, suggest that consumers do not buy easily. The method of measuring the equilibrium moisture content is very simple. The moisture content of the purchased varieties is first determined in the exhibition hall, and then the moisture content of the wooden floor of the purchased varieties is checked out. If the water content of the two varieties is only 1% to 2%, it is a qualified product.

Whether it is lacquer lacquer, roller paint floor, commonly known as lacquer board; in the choice of light or matt lacquer flooring, it should be observed whether the paint lacquer board surface is uniform, plump, clean and leak-free paint, blisters, holes, including The degree of wear is proposed, it is recommended to buy UV light-cured coating, the market dealer referred to as UV paint board, its wear resistance, scalding and other properties are better than other finishing processes. When testing whether the floor is wear-resistant or hot, the model can be burned with a cigarette butt for 20 seconds. If no trace is left, the quality is better.