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Floor refurbished into a new favorite

According to industry insiders, the renovation of solid wood flooring can be carried out at home. Non-solid wood floors are not recommended for refurbishment because the inner layer is made of a compression board or particleboard. If the solid wood floor is refurbished, it is easy to grind out the wood slag that is hidden inside when the surface is polished.

A technician who is engaged in floor renovation introduced that if there are any problems such as fuzzing, cracking, paint loss, deformation, etc., after years of solid wood flooring, it is recommended to do a refurbishment for 5 years of solid wood flooring. The refurbishment of the solid wood floor is only polishing the surface of the floor from 1 to 2 mm. The sandpaper is first sanded with different thicknesses to polish the problems on the surface of the floor and ensure that the surface is delicate and smooth.

After the polishing, puttying is done to keep the floor natural and to ensure that the floor surface is not scratched. The primer is then applied. After the primer has dried, the primer is applied again. After drying again, sand and sandpaper are carefully used to grind the surface of the primer until the surface is slightly roughened. Repeat this 6 times for the paint to dry and then apply the floor polish.