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Wood floor maintenance of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is the high-end consumer products in the floor, with a natural pattern, comfortable feet, healthy and environmentally friendly features, very suitable for living room, bedroom, study and other occasions, the decoration. The biggest advantage of solid wood flooring is feeling good, close to nature. Because of its natural properties, installation and maintenance of solid wood flooring is too much trouble, you need regular waxing and maintenance.

Before the maintenance of solid wood flooring to distinguish whether the surface treatment process is paint or natural oil treatment, and then targeted maintenance, maintenance of solid wood flooring in addition to peacetime should pay attention to cleaning dust impurities, but also should be regularly waxing. And waxing to choose the right time. The general choice of sunny weather waxing is better. Rainy days or wet weather easily make solid wood flooring surface clean and not clean and white. The temperature is too low nor, wood floor wax easily frozen. Wood floor maintenance methods are correct, not only the surface of solid wood flooring luster beautiful, but also can extend the life of solid wood flooring.