parquet flooring black color wpc solid decking

Wood floor maintenance "first" is very important

After construction pay attention to protection: safety period of maintenance, the most important thing is to protect the wooden floor paving, the floor must be covered with paper, to avoid the construction of foreign objects or paint fell to the wooden floor.

Within 48 hours after the wooden flooring has been applied (usually this period of time to become the floor of the health period), to avoid walking on the floor often and place heavy objects, so that the floor can be glued firmly enough time to allow the floor natural Air-dry. The wooden flooring paved with this will be natural and durable.

Do a little cleaning after construction: Drying and cleaning bogey wet, do not rush to open the window after the wooden floor ventilation or air conditioning hair, so not only can not speed up the glue dry, but let the wooden floor becomes dry and fragile. Therefore, we must let the wood floor has a period of time to adapt to indoor temperature and humidity.

For the cleaning of the wooden floor, just laid a good wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner or broom cleaning, keep the wooden floor dry, use clean cotton mop to wring, avoid using a damp cloth.