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After the wooden floor drums how to solve?

1, remove the arched blocks and the surrounding floor to make it ventilated and air, can ease the arching problems; large pry from the arching floor, waiting for the ground, keel dry, and then laying the floor back; pay attention to keep the floor and the outside world The normal contact, so that it is balanced with the atmospheric humidity; if arched serious, consider replacement. In order to prevent the floor arching, experienced laying master in the paved floor will be set aside in advance a certain small gap, to the floor left to "thermal expansion and contraction" of space.

2, if the expansion joints are blocked, the things in the expansion joints will be out. Said the floor, so the floor will be smooth as ever. When paving the floor generally do not pay attention, the floor is easy to problems, like the drum from the floor is also very common, in which case must be promptly addressed.