synthetic wood wpc decking flooring laminate

Wood floor waxing method

Remove the floor surface of the trash, dirt, the use of vacuum cleaners remove wooden floor surface trash and dust. Wipe the stain on the floor with diluted neutral detergent. Stains that are difficult to remove can be wiped with water.

Fully dry, wooden floor surface and trench moisture completely dry for the rear waxing. Depending on the season, the time required changes, but it takes roughly half a day.

Covering furniture, cover the skirting with furniture and other parts of the wall with tape, the purpose: to prevent the floor waxing polluting walls skirting and furniture. Shake the floor wax, shake the container with the floor wax, and stir well.

Even waxing, wood flooring in accordance with the direction of wood carefully smeared, do not leak or uneven thickness. Too little amount will result in uneven shade, excessive application will lead to poor filming. Maintaining uniform thickness is the key to waxing.