easy install temporary fence

Conservation wooden floor

1. The floor shrinks and appears to leave the gap: Put a pot of water on the ground or on the radiator to increase the relative humidity of the indoor environment. It is recommended to use a humidifier. When it is severe, the floor is completely dismantled, and the floor is replaced when necessary. Replace the floor. At this time, expansion joints must be reserved to prevent the floor from swelling during wet weather.

2. Cracked or frayed seams at the seams: minor damage can be repaired with repair wax, and serious one-piece replacements can be performed. If wrinkled skin occurs on a large area, it can be scraped with a mechanical touch or dissolved with a drug; it can be ironed with a piece of glass, a planer, and an iron. Mainly paint remover, sometimes combined.

3 Floor noise: Remove the floor, re-level the ground and then install it; remove the floor and remove the rubber and then re-paving; because the floor mat is not sealed and cause slight deformation of the floor, it can be filled with glue and severely deformed. Partial new board replacement.