building a stair railing

Laying the floor Notes

Set the front of the ground must be flat, or there will be some individual floor vacant, stepped on there will be a noise. Need to dry. Moisture content to be regulated, generally at 12%. If you do not meet the requirements, will make the floor from Alice.

Floor assembly, can not be too loose or too tight, because the floor with the temperature and humidity changes, there will be thermal expansion and contraction, too loose, will increase the gap between the floor. If it's too tight, the floor will arched. The floor must be set aside around the necessary expansion joints, expansion joints must be tidy, the size of the seam can be determined according to the size of the room.

Avoid laying, there are other projects in the intersection, the laying of the floor at the end of the project more appropriate.Choose the appropriate method of laying the floor, pay attention to the laying of science, your floor quality will be guaranteed, the service life will be longer.