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Do not say you will not maintenance of wooden floor

Salt in our life is playing the role of condiments, in fact, it is still a decontamination of small hands Oh. Sometimes accidentally get eggs on the ground, dry the ground and found that left a ugly trace, this time only need to sprinkle a little salt in the egg sticky point, wait for about 10 minutes to sweep it, you will find on the wooden floor The trace has disappeared.In addition to vinegar can be used to salad, dipped in crab, seasoning, plus milk or burned honeycomb, decontamination capacity of five stars.

With sour milk, pay attention not yogurt, with a little vinegar, preferably white vinegar, painted in the stain, you can easily remove stains, and will be very bright Oh. Wipe the stains and grease on the kitchen floor with the burnt honeycomb ash, and then sprinkle the vinegar on the mop to remove dirt and grease.

In the general sense, the feeling that the ground looks like oil is not clean. In actual fact, when wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water and then mopping the ground will not only be easier to clean, but also to enhance and protect the role of wood floors.