wood composite patio decking railing

Decontamination of the floor

Parquet laying is completed, at least to maintain 24 hours before use, otherwise it will affect the parquet effect. Generally poor water resistance of parquet, should not be wiped with a damp cloth or water, so as to avoid tarnishing.

Keep the floor dry and clean, can not use water to mop mop or scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, so as not to damage the brightness of paint, damage the paint film. In case of dust or dirt can be dry mop or wring the wet mop wipe. Wax once a month (or two months) (wipe water vapor and stain before waxing).

Special stains cleaning methods are: oil stains, paints, inks can use a special scouring oil to wipe: If it is blood stains, fruit juice, wine, beer and other stains can be wet cloth or rag dipped in the right amount of detergent wipe; not available Strong acid-base liquid floor cleaning.

Local board accidentally stained stains should be promptly removed, if traces of oil available automatic rag or mop dipped in warm water moistened with a small amount of detergent scrub; if the drug or pigment must be removed before the stain does not dissolve into the wood surface.