outdoor diy wood plastic composite decking

The wooden floor also sunscreen

Summer hot, consumers will pay attention to their own sunscreen products to prevent sunburn, as everyone knows, home wooden floor with us, also need sunscreen. Under high temperature exposure, the wooden floor is easy to shrink, the gap increases.Long-term direct sunlight, especially near the balcony, the window of the ground, but also cause the floor cracking, paint shedding and so on.

Therefore, at noon, the appropriate curtains to pull up the shade, to avoid exposure to the damage caused by the floor. Also need to cool the floor in summer, indoor often open the window ventilation, and the use of air conditioning and other cooling means to prevent deformation caused by the floor temperature is too high. However, try not to air directly to the floor blowing, otherwise it will increase the floor moisture loss. Encounter the continued hot and sunny temperatures, the air may become very dry, this time you need to use some methods to humidify the room to prevent the floor due to water loss caused by the gap, cracking and so on.