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Solid wood composite floor method

1. Look at the appearance: solid wood composite floor is divided into excellent, first-class, qualified products three categories. The appearance quality is an important basis for classification. When purchasing, the first thing to look for is whether the color and texture of the surface wood are clear. Generally, the surface should not have wood defects such as decay, knot holes, wormholes, cracks, or patchwork, and the wood texture and color should be harmonious. Also check that the tongue and tongue around the floor are flat.

2. Find out the type: there are two types of solid wood composite flooring, one is a three-layer solid wood flooring, which is made up of three layers of wood panels consisting of a front panel, a core panel, and a back panel. Another kind of multi-layer solid wood floor is composed of seven or nine layers, and the stability is better than three-layer solid wood flooring. At the time of purchase, according to their own needs, choose three or multi-layer parquet. If it is floor heating, it must be multi-layered.

3. Observing the structure: Through the four-sided cornices of the multi-layer solid wood floor, the superposed structure of the veneer layers can be seen. The traditional multi-layer solid wood floor substrate uses odd-numbered layered blanks, generally seven or nine layers. In recent years, some brands have made improvements to traditional craftsmanship, using an even number of slabs, namely eight or ten layers. At the time of purchase, it is advisable to pick up the floor and look at the structural layer of the floor is several layers.

4. Splicing test: Pick up more than 5 pieces of floorboards on a glass countertop or a flat floor and install them. After assembling, pat the gutters by hand and observe whether the gutters are tight and then touch them to feel flat. Pick up the assembled multi-layer solid wood flooring in the hands to see if it is loose, if the height of the more prominent feel and loose phenomenon, indicating that the product failed.