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Wood floor care to be the first to pay attention

Usually in the indoor laying of the floor in the room when walking, pay attention to changing shoes, to avoid some of the larger particles of dust or impurities into the room. Because these relatively large dust particles along with people walking will cause some scratches and scratches on the wooden floor. In the daily cleaning, we should also use some more dusty cleaning tools to regularly clean the wooden floor so that the surface of the wooden floor can be kept clean and tidy, preventing the accumulation of dust on the wooden floor.

Dragging heavy objects on the wooden floor is a very damaging wood floor, especially solid wood floor. Dragging heavy objects on the solid wood floor can easily lead to scratch and abrasion on the surface paint of solid wood floor. In severe cases, it can even lead to serious post-sale problems such as chipped edge, triangular seam, etc. Therefore, we should try to avoid placing heavy objects on the solid wood floor, not to drag the heavy objects on the solid wood floor.