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What makes the wood floor "loose"?

1. Improper cleaning can lead to tarnishing of wood floors: Too frequent cleaning is one of the main reasons for the loss of light on wooden floors. Wooden floors are usually paved in relatively private spaces and it is appropriate to do a cleaning every month. Chemical fabrics, hard-to-drag, and large amounts of water alkali can cause unnecessary corrosion and damage to the wooden floor.

2. Without any maintenance measures, the wooden floor will slowly lose its original luster.This situation is more pronounced in solid wood flooring. Solid wood is like a skin, and it is not maintained for a long time. The luster disappears. And cleaning and maintenance are completely different, and cleaning cannot replace maintenance.

3. Incorrect selection of floor wax can also cause the wooden floor to lose its original luster: Frequent use of bottle spray wax can also cause loss of light on the wooden floor. The spray bottle wax brings a mirror-like finish to the wooden floor. The reflection is strong, but once it is dusty, it is obviously dirty. So repeated, the wooden floor quickly lost its original uniform luster.

4, poor quality wooden floor paint will lead to no gloss: This situation is common in the "cheap" wooden floor. In order to sell, manufacturers apply a layer of bright oil on the surface of the wooden floor, just like a layer of wax on the surface of the apple. For such a wooden floor, it took no more than two months and the wooden floor was completely lusterless.