recycled composite flooring

Solve the problem of soaking the floor

Pry the wooden floor to "well" font stacking dry, apply the condition: primed water after the floor. Treatment options: For soaked floor, try to keep the floor is not deformed ** dry is crucial. Can dry the floor surface water, press the "well" font superimposed display, with its stacked weight to prevent the occurrence of deformation in the display should pay attention to the floor upside down to prevent the surface caused by rapid drying Dry cracked.

At the same time attention should not be placed in the sun exposure, it should be placed in ventilated place dry, under normal circumstances for better quality solid wood and multi-layer solid wood can be used again. In addition, in the event of leakage should be the first time to inform the floor after-sales service, staff will be combined with the floor's own situation to provide the best solution to the owners.