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Paving costs more than wood floor tiles

Floor tiles cost more than wood floors Many consumers think that wood floors are more expensive than floor tiles, especially solid wood flooring. In fact, some better prices of solid wood flooring and floor prices, some even more expensive than solid wood flooring dozens of dollars or even a hundred dollars.

In the case of the same price, the tiles because of the phenomenon of extremely prone to damage in the shop without the implementation of free or even no professional pavement team, consumers can only find their own shops, artificial labor costs and accessories such as cement sand each But also spend about 40 square meters, plus the cost of moving upstairs, of course, can not rule out the damage in the course of tile paving process and personal time wasted.

If you install the floor you can save the cost to do other use. After careful calculation and found that a price of 300 yuan plus 40 yuan ceramic tile labor costs, the price can buy one square meter of superior timber species of solid wood flooring, or 3-5 square meters of reinforced flooring, then at the same price Under the conditions of choice, of course, more cost-effective than the floor tiles.