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Shrinkage cracking characteristics of solid wood flooring

Solid wood floor installation, due to the back of the floor and moisture-proof membrane between the formation of gaps, when the room air is relatively dry, easy to dry the air flew to the back of the floor, so that the back of the floor becomes shorter, the floor not only produce shrinkage, and Will also produce convex board.

In dry and hot environments, wood of special construction and diagonal texture tends to warp and distort. The greater the floor width, the longer the floor. If the floor nailing, there is no limit on warpage and distortion, deformation will increase.

If the solid wood floor moisture content higher than the local average moisture content, and the use of the environment is relatively dry (relative humidity below 30%), the floor moisture content of 6% to 7% or less, the floor will have a larger shrinkage. Serious mouth all exposed, if the end of running too fast can cause end cleft.