color for laminated pvc panel

Composite floor soaked in water

Laminate flooring is also commonly used in modern home floor materials, laminate flooring has to strengthen the stability of the floor, but also in the floor surface to retain the natural feeling of solid wood flooring. Although the laminate flooring is more durable, but after the bubble water will leave problems.

Common problem: soaked floor tilt. Although the composite wood flooring is more durable material, but the face of water problems, the floor there will still be such a small problem, such as tilt, moldy and so on.

Small area vacuum cleaner to absorb water. If it is a small area of ​​water, and the amount of water is not enough, as soon as possible after the treatment of dry surface water, and use the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer cold, the gap between the floor immersion water sucked dry.