easy care conference center vinyl floor

Wood floor maintenance

Drying and dehumidification of solid wood flooring: In daily use, pure solid wood flooring and parquet maintenance method is actually similar. Solid wood flooring, more suitable for 20-30 ℃ room temperature, humidity should be maintained at 30% -65%. Humidity, the floor easily drums; the air is too dry, the floor may be sewing.

Own a hygrometer at home, rainy and humid in summer, pay attention to attendance and ventilation, if necessary, dehumidification, but to avoid direct air-conditioning blowing to the floor. If the floor deformation is serious, it may be a problem on the ground or wall, you can open one or two floor inspection, to find out the reasons for dampness and take measures.Exposure to the sun, the floor prone to paint off, fade. At this time we should pay attention to the sun screen blinds, if necessary, covered with carpet carpet in the sun.

There are a variety of floor care products on the market, it is best not to wax. Wax oil only in the floor surface layer of protective film, and prone to ground slippery. Oleoresin oil resin products is the preferred choice, these products can nourish the interior of the floor, to prevent the emergence of cracked paint; the best time to do seasonal care every year.