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Wood floor anti-pollution articles

After a long period of use, natural lacquered wood flooring or waxed wood flooring will have dirt that is difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods, with different solutions for different situations.

Natural lacquered wood flooring: When the floor becomes difficult to clean due to a lot of fouling, it can be mixed with degreasing agent and warm water at 25 ° C. The floor should be adequately cleaned before degreasing. For heavily decontaminated floors, the surface of the solid wood floor should be ground off and then repainted, but this method should be a last resort, as grinding will inevitably make the floor thinner.

Oil wax solid wood floor: If the floor appears a large area of ​​stains, can be equipped with a dry soft pad polishing machine for processing, in order to maintain the same gloss, but the floor surface must be light oil wax within 4 hours, After let the floor dry naturally for 16-24 hours.