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Prevent wood flooring dry cracking

In accordance with national standards, wooden flooring in the production and collage will leave some room for expansion. When the weather is warm in spring, the closure of the geothermal system should also be gradual, do not plummet, to avoid the wood floor swelling due to heating too fast, cracking distortion occurs. In the process of using, in order to keep the water can not be quickly lost, but also can be regularly sealed wax and other conservation treatment, the general once a year is enough.

If you have a home location, you can place a small fish pond in the corner of the balcony (balcony decoration renderings), not only to adjust the indoor humidity, but also to the bedroom to increase the decoration of other furniture can not be achieved. If the home has a vacant wall location, you can also install a wall-mounted fish tank, taking up less space, but also increase the HOS.