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The mahogany cricket makes the floor into the kitchen not a dream

It is true that what is said above is indeed some deficiencies that may exist in traditional wooden floors. But this is the past of Chen Sesas's rotten millet! The mahogany stork home has to raise its banner and shout: "The floor that does not want to enter the kitchen is not a good floor! ”

After many years of research and experimentation, the mahogany furniture home uses high-tech technology, selects special substrates, and improves product technology to overcome the problem of water in the floor and successfully upgrade the product to a “washable floor”. How can the mahogany be able to make the floor “get in the kitchen and get into the hall”?

Floor into the kitchen to solve the water problem. The reason why wood flooring is afraid of water is that wood is alive and able to adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment. Inconsistent balance in different periods, there will be some wet ups and downs in the floor itself. Redwood Technology's new solid wood flooring is a flooring product with exclusive cutting-edge water resistance technology.

Different from the general flooring products on the market, Sci-Tech New Solid Wood has its own unique water-resistant technology, which gives the flooring products excellent water resistance. In addition to the high water resistance of the floor surface, each floor also has a double-sided (back) surface. The water resistance factor and unique water resistance make it distinguishable from other similar products. It is not just the work in the waterproof process. The double-sided water resistance factor 360° omnibearing strong barrier makes the new technology solid wood floor have the remarkable effect of water resistance and moisture resistance.