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Tedious wood floor maintenance

Wood flooring from time to time, you need maintenance, heavy maintenance in the wood floor, polishing waxing is a way of high cost. Wood floor care is affected by many factors, so pick a good weather is crucial.

First of all, we have to clean the floor again, keep the floor clean and dry. If the wood floor is wet, the wax can not be attached. After the floor is polished and waxed, the texture of the wooden floor will be higher. First with low purpose sandpaper for grinding, and then high-purpose sandpaper for grinding, try to make the wood floor surface appears smooth.

Need to scratch the mud again to make solid wood flooring more smooth, evenly coated, waiting to dry. Primer grading Solid wood flooring after scraping mud filling need to do brush primer treatment. Due to the grinding and filling mud, solid wood floor surface color will be different shades, this time we must color the floor, the purpose is to make the floor surface color consistent. After the completion of the floor color palette, you can brush the end of the paint.