wood plastic exterior wall panel

Do not buy texture unclear bamboo flooring

High-quality bamboo flooring are more than three years raw bamboo refined. When choosing bamboo flooring, hand weights should be used to choose the weight of the heavy bamboo flooring. Light weight bamboo flooring is usually made of one to two years of tender bamboo, tender bamboo no material, density, tender bamboo, stability and bending strength are not very good compression.

Bamboo born more than three years, the density, good stability, more durable. Bamboo floor material look old and new light weight is not enough, but also observe the texture, if the texture is blurred, indicating that the bamboo flooring is not fresh bamboo, is the older bamboo.

Good surface of bamboo flooring is relatively high degree of wear. Bamboo flooring are usually used matte paint, bamboo flooring selection, the available sand back and forth in the bamboo flooring surface grinding a dozen, if no significant changes in bamboo flooring, said its better wear resistance. Bamboo flooring is a plant crude fiber structure, high hardness, density, so its thermal conductivity, anti-deformation properties better than other wooden flooring, or the most suitable for floor heating geothermal.