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Floor maintenance method

Because there are many types of materials related to the ground on the market, including stone, solid wood, laminate flooring, tiles and carpets, etc., consumers have a lot of choice opportunities. To choose their own ground material, one must consider their own The second is to consider the living environment, and the third is to take into account the climate environment.

Flooring: There are many kinds of floors on the market today, mainly wood floors and laminate floors. Solid wood floor due to different types of wood, the choice is also relatively large, in the selection of solid wood flooring, the most important thing is to choose a high stability of the material, in the construction of attention to the ground must be flat, the wood joist or Daxinban Quality must also be guaranteed.

As for the most important aspect of laminate flooring, whether the products are environmentally friendly or not, and now the composite flooring on the domestic market is mainly imported products. When you choose, it is best to see whether the products have blue sky and environmental protection labels. Now there are already four European flooring manufacturers such as Codex.Through China's green environmental certification, I believe that in the near future, you will not have to worry about identifying many foreign environmental protection signs.