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Wood floor sales tricks

Strengthen the quality of composite wood flooring, the key is in the selection of raw materials and mix, and the processing accuracy of the product, the import plate and the domestic plate in the same size, import plate and domestic plate production according to the same technical requirements as above The difference is that the product has nothing to do with the length and width of each board. Some manufacturers see a certain size floor, such as 1290*195*8 or 1380*194*8 long-size boards. There are few domestic manufacturers of this size. To spread the rumors, "Import plates are long specifications, domestic plates are short specifications."

The price of long plates will increase accordingly, and the sales volume is optimistic. The manufacturers do not argue with the length and length of the boards. Instead, they reduce the production of short boards and mass production of long boards. For a time, “import” boards surge, and consumers spend less than the import boards. The price that can buy into the "import board" is also enjoyable, the biggest benefit is to propose that the long board is the import board, disorderly market, and disorderly winning laminate flooring sellers.

The first generation of reinforced wood flooring used in the trench slot socket structure, when installed, in the gutter full of glue, you can guarantee that the product will not occur in the use of seams, degumming phenomenon. In actual use, it is found that in China, the floor height is too high (up to 10mm/m, the standard requirement is less than 2mm/m), and the workers do not install it properly. The glue is not evenly spread and the floor is not full. Some floors of individual households will have cracks. Cracking problem.

The merchants subsequently introduced thicker plates and locking plates to solve the above problems. Some merchants added the so-called “double lock”, “three locks” and “four locks” to increase their “locking” function in publicity. The “buckle” floor gives the consumer a higher level of locking and the quality is better. In fact, the floor is firmly connected and not in the number of buckles, but in the angle of the chamfering and chamfering of the locking plate, the lock The level of the buckle is too much, as if using a few small locks to prevent theft, is it safer than using a large lock? The earliest manufacturers produced locking plates to increase the adhesive strength of the floor, and in the end developed into increasing the number of series of locks to produce locked floor for deceiving consumers.