flooring for exterior

Solid wood floor shopping skills

It is formed by drying and processing of natural wood. It is also called log flooring. Advantages: natural texture; environmental protection; cool in winter and cool in summer, good touch, good elasticity; good sound insulation, sound absorption and insulation properties; Disadvantages: not wear, easy to lose luster; should not be used in places with large humidity changes, or easy to deform; afraid of acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, afraid of burning.

Selection method: see whether the edges are straight, whether there are burrs, cracks, insect eyes, etc.; see whether the surface lacquer is smooth, no bubbling, folds, etc.; use a few pieces of floor together, to see if the seam, flush, there is no height Disparity and length difference; moisture content should be between 8 to 13%.

Maintenance methods: Use a semi-dry mop when cleaning; it is best to wax once a quarter; try to avoid contact with large amounts of water; avoid wiping with acid and alkaline liquids, so as not to damage the surface; to avoid scratching the ground.Appropriate laying sites: bedroom, living room, study room, etc.