wpc composite decking used for outdoor balcony

Preparation of wooden floor before installation

1. The floor installation place of the wooden floor shall be installed after other decoration works are completed to prevent other decoration work from causing damage to the wooden floor.

2. Before installing the wooden floor, it must be ensured that the floor is dry, flat and free of debris. Water pipes, heating pipes, wires, communication lines, etc. should not be passed under the wooden floor in principle so as to avoid running, running, dripping, leaking or damage to the line. Floor damage and inconvenient overhaul. If you do have the above pipelines and do not avoid them, it may affect the quality of floor installation. If it has been buried in the floor, please indicate the specific location of the pipeline at the time of construction to prevent breakdown or damage to the pipeline when drilling.

3. The installation company of wood floor shall be surveyed by professional staff to measure the installation area and discuss with the customer to establish the wooden floor installation plan. The customer is asked to purchase the wooden floor according to the measurement area. The wooden floor installation plan is valid after being signed by the customer.

4, the ground floor and the new construction, residential and other high-humidity ground, in the wood floor before the installation of the floor to take moisture, moisture absorption measures, the bottom layer is best made of waterproof layer; floor is seriously uneven, need to do the floor again.