plastic wood outdoor decking

Summer parquet

Keep the floor dry and clean Do not allow to mop the floor with a drip mop or with alkali and soapy water to avoid damaging the paint surface. If the surface of the board inadvertently stained with stains should be promptly removed, if the sticky traces of oil can be dipped in warm water and a small amount of detergent scrub, if the drug or paint, stains must not be infiltrated before the wood surface to be removed to avoid damage to the floor. Try not to mop the floor, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean.

In case of sauna days, you can turn on the air conditioning humidification function Northeast sauna weather is relatively small, but if you encounter hot and humid sauna days can open the air conditioning wetting function, so that the indoor humidity down to avoid arching phenomenon occurred .

Proposed installation of parquet family in the indoor display 1-2 Ministry of temperature and humidity table, at any time view.In addition, if you find the phenomenon of arching the floor or the arch signs of arch, be sure to timely repair, do not wait for the floor arched high and then reported repair. At the same time arched parts try not to stampede, to avoid damage can not be completely restored.