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Floor cleaning and maintenance

No matter what kind of material wooden floor, clean the toys and buttons and other foreign objects before picking them up, and then use the broom / vacuum cleaner / dust remover paper mop, remove the floor surface, furniture, corner, dust, hair, spider web , Especially to the entrance to the porch and to the gate, where most dirt and dust are coming.

According to the wooden floor material, select the appropriate floor cleaner, before use, in accordance with the degree of contamination, the amount of floor detergent into the bucket dilution, and then from mop to mop the direction of the door. If the corners or floor seams and other places more difficult to clean, you can use the old toothbrush directly with a floor cleaner scrub hard stubborn dirt can also be directly on the floor detergent poured on the cloth, wipe, then rinse with water Can be.

Some floor cleaners in the surfactant concentration higher, after the end of the drag, the wet floor instead of more likely to be contaminated with dust, the result of getting dirty, so pay special attention to choose a good reputation of the product. If you want to make the terrazzo or marble floor after cleaning, but also with the light can be shining human effect, may wish to use water wax formulations floor cleaning agent, as long as the use of any of its air-dried.