and waterproof hollow wood plastic decking

Wedding room floor selection

Due to economic pressure, most young people will choose to buy a 60-70 square meter economical wedding room. This type of marriage room is basically a transitional type of residence. It is recommended that consumers choose to strengthen the floor in winter warm winter, not only affordable, but also strong durability, easier to take care of.

Strengthen the floor color, rich in patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design, variety of colors, fashion colors, can simulate a variety of natural or artificial patterns. While ensuring practical functions, it also improves the aesthetic appearance of the floor.

For this kind of economical small-sized wedding room, the soft and natural colors should be the main choices on the floor. This will greatly reduce the pressure given by the small space and create a flexible and flexible space. In winter, the warm and warm floor in the name of warm love conveys warmth and warm floor to witness sweet love. For you to create stylish and beautiful, warm and exquisite, unique personality romantic wedding room, make the home more warm and sweeter.