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Solid wood floor use

In the process of using solid wood flooring, should avoid heavy objects to oppress the floor, overweight objects should be placed on a smooth, furniture and heavy objects are not allowed to push and pull, towing, lifting and moving; suggested furniture under the pad; to ensure that the floor After the installation of the quality of stability, in the installation of 36 hours after the furniture can move.

Avoid direct contact of the cigarette butts, open flames, hot objects, strong acids, strong alkaline substances, etc. to the floor surface to avoid damaging the paint on the floor surface or causing danger, avoiding sharp and sharp objects touching the floor surface, scratching the floor and keeping the floor surface Beautiful effect.

In addition, the solid wood flooring should also be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun exposure or room temperature and humidity of the rapid rise and fall, temperature and humidity may affect the rapid decline of the service life of wood flooring; regular waxing or oil care; use the door insoles And small rugs to protect the floor, and rugs and insoles to be cleaned regularly.