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The benefits of waxing wood floors

Floor waxing can not only prevent the wooden floor from being worn and prolong the service life of the floor, but also the waxed floor is easy to clean. If the floor is usually contaminated, the floor may be easily removed by frequent maintenance. If it is a wooden floor, but also by the changes in temperature and thermal expansion and contraction, playing a wax can play a restrained wooden floor from the warp, the role of deformation.

Waxing Note: When waxing wood floor, be careful not to pour the floor wax directly on the floor, so easy to make the corresponding parts of the floor there are traces of hard to kill. In addition, waxing, but also to avoid mixing into the gravel and other sharp objects into the floor wax, thus causing damage to the floor. The entire construction process, need to be careful not to damage the floor itself.