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Parquet summer conservation mind

Air conditioning has the role of cooling the wet, if the outlet is always against a place to blow, it is easy to cause the floor shrinkage. Therefore, the use of air conditioning in summer, it is best to let the air outlet swing, do not fixed in one direction to blow. In addition, the entrance is generally tuyere, very dry. Experienced installers will seal the wax at the shut-off to keep the water in the board from loss and avoid shrinkage. Owners can also wipe the floor with a damp cloth to avoid being too dry.

The best choice in the choice of floor wood species is relatively stable wood, although the use of excessive conservation is not necessary, but the conservation needs of law. If placed in the entrance door to the floor mat, to avoid dust entering; under the bench and other furniture placed on the cushion to avoid scratches furniture; try to avoid the floor soaked in water, mopping the wet drip mop is appropriate ; Use the floor dedicated detergent to clean the floor of the oil, to avoid soap and other chemicals on the floor damage.

In addition, some owners who live for a long time after renovations are not ventilated or have newspapers, plastic sheets on the floor to prevent dust and the like are quite wrong. Due to a long time without ventilation, in a closed environment, the floor is prone to deformation shrinkage and other phenomena, and once the time is too long, difficult to recover, so the resulting loss can not be ignored. Therefore, if the renovation is not a long time after living, it is recommended that owners regularly go to the house ventilation, so that the wooden floor, 'breathe' fresh air.