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Wood floor care tips

1, for the installation of the floor, usually need to pay attention to ensure that the floor throughout the room well-ventilated, try not to drip on the floor, so as not to damp some of the wooden floor, especially some stains, grease and the like is not easy to clean the dirt, if Do not accidentally fell on the floor above, this time you need to go to the immediate cleaning measures, you can use a special cleaning agent for the floor, if you can not use some soap, detergent or other cleaners instead, pay attention not too much many.

2, with a long time the floor will inevitably fade, fade the floor, in order to make the floor clean as new, you can wax in the above, it will help increase the floor finish, and also can effectively play the role of floor protection.

Today's flooring costs are more expensive, and the paint is more delicate and delicate, when cleaning and maintenance of the floor, but also pay attention not to damage the original floor of the natural texture and color. Perhaps many people do not know how to clean and maintain the floor, once the wrong way, it is the damage to the floor. Above Xiaobian talk about a few cleaning and maintenance floor of the content, hoping to help everyone.