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Solid wood floor maintenance tips

Improper installation and use of solid wood flooring can cause quality problems in qualified products. When the solid wood floor is being maintained, pay attention to the drying and cleaning of the floor. When laying solid wood flooring, if you do not do moisture treatment, the bathroom and the room floor are not isolated, will affect the life of the floor.

To be wetted with water or scrubbed with alkaline water or soapy water will destroy the brightness of the paint. In the summer, no attention was paid to pulling the curtains so that the front floor of the bed would become discolored and cracked after being exposed to sunlight. The temperature of the air conditioner is too low, causing excessive temperature changes during the day and night, causing the floor to expand or contract too much, causing floor deformation, cracking, etc.

When the floor is in use, if individual floors are found to be shelling or falling off, the floor should be picked up in time to remove the old glue and ash, and apply new glue to compact it. Waxing once a month is also the best method of maintenance, but wipe off the moisture and stains before waxing.