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Formaldehyde formaldehyde floor treatment methods

Chemical purification method At present, the market for formaldehyde capture agent is divided into two types, one is through the neutralization of formaldehyde, the way to generate non-hazardous substances to purify the air; the other is by closing the formaldehyde, to prevent the evaporation of formaldehyde to purify the air . Formaldehyde trapping agent is also an effective method to absorb formaldehyde. At present, some people think formaldehyde blocking agent completely limits the evaporation of formaldehyde, in fact, formaldehyde blocking agent can not be completely closed formaldehyde, formaldehyde emissions can only be reduced, so that the closed formaldehyde will be erupted at some time The understanding is not correct.

Activated carbon adsorption Solid activated carbon has the characteristics of many pores, formaldehyde and other harmful substances have a strong adsorption and decomposition, the smaller the activated carbon particles adsorption better. Activated carbon adsorption of formaldehyde is obvious, but according to the size of space, the amount of activated carbon is also different. In addition, activated carbon adsorption to a certain extent need to be replaced. Although the effect of activated carbon is good, like other methods, formaldehyde in the air can not be completely removed.