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The choice of solid wood flooring

1, choose a reasonable size: from the stability of wood, the smaller the size of the floor, the stronger the ability to resist deformation. Broader panels are popular in the market. Broader panels are more beautiful, generous, and have a diastolic texture and a complete pattern. However, qualified wide panels must undergo stringent wood species selection and quality acceptance.

2. Choose a balanced moisture content: Due to the geographical location of the cities in the country, the moisture content of the required wood varies. Ask a professional sales person at the time of purchase to purchase a floor with a water content equal to the local equilibrium water content.

3, choose the processing of high precision: with a few pieces of floor assembly on the ground, hand touch, seeing the quality of its processing accuracy, finish, whether smooth, smooth, gutters, installation gaps, anti-denaturation tanks and other assembly is tight. A good floor should be precision workmanship, accurate dimensions, flat corners, no height difference.