wood plastic railing

Wood floor cracking problems

Floor paint cracking is an aging phenomenon of the paint film, divided into fine cracks, rough cracking and cracking of three, including cracks is the film rupture to the bottom, or surface cracking through the bottom. No matter what kind of cracking is due to the internal contraction of the paint film greatly exceeded its cohesion caused rupture.

The reasons for the paint are: wooden floor by the sun or the long-term wind storm blowing, wood flooring dry shrinkage caused the film cracking; wood flooring damp caused by cracking of the paint film, or wood flooring after the expansion of mutual squeeze and deadly paint Membrane cracking; wood floor moisture content is too high coating caused by excessive wood floor cracking;Drying of wood floor after the lack of balance, the internal stress has not been eliminated; cleaning using alkaline cleaner, resulting in cracking of wood floor paint.

Wood flooring paint cracking its solution There is a small amount of wood floor paint cracking may be appropriate to fill the paint, waxing. Wood floor paint cracking serious only after the smooth paint. Wood floor paint cracking less when the number can be partially replaced wooden floor.