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Plastic wood floor maintenance

Remove dirt and residue with soap, hot water and a hard brush. After the plastic wood floor is installed, clean the dirt and debris in this way. Gently wipe the imprint printed on the side of the WPC floor with alcohol or acetone. Use conventional floor cleaning agents or detergents containing bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and detergents.

Floor grease stains, immediately use the household degreaser removal, and then rinse with hot water. Wash the area with chalk marks with hot soapy water and bleach. Colored chalk marks are stubborn and can not be removed, so consider using white chalk or talcum on the floor.

Melt ice and calcium chloride or rock salt on the floor and are found in most home care stores. When the ice begins to melt, it is rinsed out. Use hot soapy water to remove ink stains and then wash thoroughly. Use a cleaning product that contains oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to remove dirt and rust stains on the floor. This will reduce stains and may also remove them.

Use common rust cleaners to remove pigmentation contamination from floor weathering. According to the instructions on the bleach package, mix bleach into hot water to wash wine stains and fruit stains. Gently wipe the stains and rinse with hot water.