wpc composite waterproof corridor fence

Wood flooring is more environmentally friendly than bricks

Adjustable air humidity wooden floor Many people think that solid wood floor afraid of water, and damp will arching, while the floor tiles are not afraid of water, good care. In fact, brick is indeed cleaner than wood flooring, but it is a misunderstanding that wood is afraid of water, such as good teak, it is the best material for making a boat, called the Millennium does not rot.

Wooden floor can absorb moisture, especially households who live on the first floor, the most suitable wood flooring, winter home will not appear cold and cold feeling, because tiles can not absorb moisture, the winter when the room becomes heavier humid. In addition the more affinity for the wooden floor, children are willing to run barefoot above it.

Xiao Bian suggested that home floor tiles can reduce noise, more than the floor tiles to make people more relaxed, more and more pressure on the city now have a slow effect. The pursuit of more environmentally friendly and more comfortable living environment is now the common aspiration of urban people, home improvement is also getting more and more effective.