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Bamboo floor cleaning problems

1, And solid wood flooring, in daily life, to avoid the sun's exposure and rain, sun exposure will make the floor dry shrinkage cracking, the water tends to swell the floor, causing the floor deformation. This is also a lot of furniture maintenance needs attention.

2, pay attention to the circulation of indoor air, easy to dry the floor stretching occurs, the sound. So usually can open more doors and windows, is conducive to the circulation of air, bamboo flooring maintenance is also very good.

3, to avoid scratches and bruises Bamboo flooring, moving heavy objects as far as possible to lift the way to avoid scratches coming drag, this is also the same with solid wood flooring. There is time to be careful when children do not use sharp things to scratch the bamboo flooring.

4, to prevent the introduction of dust and sand, this truth is actually very simple, because the reason is that the material of the bamboo flooring itself, it is easy to enter the dust and the like, once the dust into the hard to clean up, so we usually It is necessary to do a good job of cleaning, can save a lot of trouble for the bamboo flooring maintenance later.