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Wood floor maintenance

When the first pass through the end of the paint dry, but also sanding side, the local surface layer of rough effect, clean the surface of the powder, and then on the second pass. Polishing waxing is the last step is polishing waxing, the main role of this step is to protect the floor, while also making the floor more beautiful.

Shake the wax evenly, you can find some local trial, if there is no abnormal situation can be a wide range of trial. But should not directly pour the floor wax on the floor, pour it on a clean cloth, wipe the floor until the entire wooden floor are evenly smeared floor wax, wait for the air to dry.

In fact, the maintenance of wood flooring is more complicated, so you can find some professional maintenance of the company to maintain the wood floor, are generally charged by the square, six months to one year maintenance, the cost far out of your renovated floor to The cost-effective, so the daily beauty of wood flooring work to be done to extend the service life of wood flooring.