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waterproof wpc wood plastic composite wall covering

Clean the wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner

As the vacuum cleaner brush head cleaning solid wood edge seam difficult to achieve the desired results, long-term use of this method is not many people.

The above is mainly for solid wood floor surface dust cleaning methods. So, if the surface of the floor with hard scale, how will we clean it? Combined with several common hard scale, the following brief introduction: The accumulation of hard years (also includes the hard floor dirt cracks), according to the hard Scaling, select the floor with a grinding effect of decontamination cleaning products. Customers need to be aware that the operation of light to heavy, and gradually forced to avoid unnecessary scratches. As long as the operation carefully, will not cause scratches to the floor surface.

Residual wax on the floor surface, due to the relatively backward process of domestic production of wax, usually wax on the floor surface to stay one to three months will appear anti-white hair stains, especially after the water is clean, often the feeling of fog, I feel never clean out. Seriously tarnish the floor. In view of this situation, you can choose household wax products, cleaning.