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Solid wood floor shopping skills

The high-quality solid wood saws are cut into surface plates, core plates, and bottom plates. Then three kinds of individual pieces are affixed with glue in a vertical, horizontal, and vertical three-dimensional arrangement and pressed at high temperatures to form a plate. The three layers are divided into three layers. And multi-layer two kinds.

The surface of the three-story solid wood laminate floor is a high-quality precious wood sheet, and the middle and bottom layers are fast-growing wood, which is formed by hot pressing with glue. The multi-layer solid wood composite floor is made of multi-layer plywood as the base material, and the surface layer is a hardwood chip mosaic panel or a sliced ​​veneer, and is formed by hot pressing with glue.

Advantages: natural appearance, comfortable foot feeling; wear-resistant, heat-resistant, impact-resistant; fire-retardant, anti-mold, anti-mite; noise, insulation; not easy to deformation; easy to lay. Disadvantages: If the glue quality is poor, degumming will occur; the surface layer is thin and care must be taken during use.Selection method: See if the color and texture of the surface wood are clear; see if the tongue and groove around the surface are flat. Maintenance methods: Regular cleaning, to prevent scratching the surface; wipe when not using a wet cloth; to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Appropriate laying sites: bedroom, living room, study room, etc. In a geothermal environment, multi-layer solid wood flooring is heat-resistant and less deformable. Therefore, if you use a floor with geothermal, you must choose a multi-layer parquet.