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Wood floor maintenance pains people

1, to maintain indoor ventilation and dry environment: solid wood flooring panels are very precious, maintenance also need to spend some effort. Spring rain and more, especially in the south or low-rise households, the ground is easy to get wet, this time you need regular ventilation, the main purpose is to make dry and dry wood floor to achieve balance.

2, to avoid sun exposure and rain wet: Sunshine will accelerate the aging of solid wood flooring paint and glue, but also cause shrinkage and cracking of solid wood flooring. Wet rain, solid wood flooring to absorb moisture caused by expansion and deformation, the floor will also make moldy. Therefore, in the rainy season, before going out must pay attention to the window to avoid rain or sun exposure.

3, to avoid damage to the floor surface: Solid wood flooring prices are more expensive, so when used more care. Solid wood flooring paint both floor decoration, but also the floor protection. Therefore, should avoid the impact of hard objects, sharp cutlery, metal friction, chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, the indoor furniture handling, moving care should be taken lightly, the foot of the furniture should be put rubber skin and so on. Public places, should be covered in the main channel carpets and so on.