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Wood floor defects

1, difficult to maintain: solid wood flooring on the installation of higher requirements, once installed is not good, will cause a series of problems. The high rate of complaints regarding the installation of floorboards has consistently shown this problem. This also means that from the beginning of the installation, you have to spend a lot of effort to pay attention to the installation of solid wood flooring. After installing it, the trouble still exists. Because the stability of the solid wood floor is not good enough, the indoor environment is too wet or dry to easily arch, warp or deform. And after paving, you should often wax and oil, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will disappear quickly and it will be tiring.

2, the price is high: due to various factors, solid wood flooring has been maintained at a higher price, and in the short term there is no possibility of reduction. Now that the market is a little better, the quality of solid wood flooring with guaranteed quality is also above 200 yuan/m2. After all, the money spent on solid wood flooring is still very important, and families with tight budgets still have to weigh. The existence of the above two problems makes the solid wood floor destined to be the choice of a family with certain economic strength and sufficient time and energy to maintain.