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Time has worn the wooden floor

If the paint appears some small cracks, mainly because of sun exposure or long-term feng shui caused, the floor by the humidity. This time you can use the floor with similar colors floor wax processing, if the situation is not very serious, you can use the same color crayon applied, it will not affect the overall effect.

Floor cracks are often encountered problems, if the floor gap is not 2mm, you do not need maintenance, if more than 2mm, it is necessary to resurrect or partial replacement according to the actual situation. If there is floor cracking in the fall, you can delay the patching a bit because the air in autumn is drier.

If the wooden floor blisters, you need to immediately remove, and so on after the natural dry installation, a small area of ​​blisters, it can not pry the floor to dry, it is best to quickly remove the floor skirting, dry up to three to ten Five days For a large area of ​​blisters, to keep the floor is not deformed, carefully pry the wooden floor, pay attention to avoid the sun, put it in ventilated place to dry.

Infrared heating system, in the rapid heating and progressive heating conditions can be adapted. HR thermal energy warm-keeping system uses natural wood as the raw material and adopts WBT Italian-style balance technology, which not only destroys the fiber structure but also maintains the biological characteristics of the wood plank while solving the moisture content of the wood floor and the stress in the fiber structure. Finishes with ACIT net aldehyde paint technology, sustainable degradation of confined space, the free formaldehyde in the air and other harmful substances, to purify the air, safe heating, the effect of healthy home.