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Solid wood flooring to avoid contact with alkaline washing liquid

Solid wood flooring is generally divided into paint and wood grease, the use of alkaline lotion, it will undermine the protective layer on the surface, resulting in damage to solid wood flooring, so as far as possible to avoid the wood floor surface access to alkaline washing liquid. If it is difficult to remove the dirt, you should use a clean wet cotton cloth or semi-dry mop repeated wipe.

Appropriate for solid wood floor waxing, not only can play a clean, moisture-proof, anti-injury, and increase the role of luminosity, but also effectively extend the service life of the wood floor. However, if you do not control the number of frequent maintenance of the wax floor, it will only lead to wax layer superimposed on the wooden floor damage.

Xiao Bian remind: Usually wooden floor oil once a month can be used to maintain, spring and summer maintenance of two to three months time, at the same time should be purchased for the special maintenance of wood floor to avoid damage to the wooden floor. In addition, the daily maintenance should also be careful not to use acidic liquid wipe to avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the wooden floor or directly placed too hot things.